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Aug 28 2007

Most challenging day so far

Each day gets harder and harder, however, I’m dealing with it better.  I just brush it off and make a mental note to make necessary changes tomorrow.  I find myself getting annoyed at kids for the need for constant reminders to do basic things, like turn around, keep their mouths closed, not touch others, not…

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Aug 26 2007

At the end of the first weekend

I’m finding myself dreading tomorrow, but not nearly as much as I dreaded some of the days last week, so I suppose that means progress.  I am looking forward to seeing how much information my students retained over the weekend, I’m going to be sad if I am starting at square one.  We have a…

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Aug 25 2007

The first of many Fridays

I used to hate Fridays.  I know I am strange, but growing up, I loved being at school and I hated being at home, so I would dread Fridays.  This feeling stayed with me into adulthood, even though, by all logic, I should love Fridays.   This summer I have grown to LOVE fridays.  Just waking…

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Aug 24 2007

Shoeless D.B.

I made a child walk around all day without wearing shoes because he kept taking them off and kicking them around.  He had to go to Spanish, Technology and lunch without wearing shoes.  I felt so cruel, and I doubt it was very effective, but it just seemed appropriate at the time.  I also had…

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D.C.  is a sweet, sensitive student, although a bit behind in grade level.  He has given me lots of hugs and he has a shy smile that is adorable.  He is a new student this year and his mother has shared his experience with his old teacher in his old school, which is a classroom, oddly enough, that…

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Aug 21 2007


Why did I decide to do this again.  8 year olds are crazy.

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Aug 19 2007

T minus 13 hours

When I wake up I am going to be heading to my school to begin my life as a 3rd grade teacher.  I feel like I am as ready as I’ll ever be.  I have no idea what tomorrow will hold, but I am such a worry wart I have prepared myself for any scenario. …

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Aug 17 2007

Officially a Missourian

The last Friday of institute I had a job interview for a 3rd grade position.  It was with a charter school, which I said that I didn’t want, but I had heard better things about this charter school company, I knew 7 others who would be teaching at this company (there are three schools in St. Louis).  And at…

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Aug 17 2007

Meet the teacher night

Tonight I skipped orientation in order to attend Meet the Teacher night.  I am really happy that I made the decision to blow off TFA in order to attend my school event.  The turnout was expected to be low, however, I was able to meet 15 of my 26 students.  I got about 8 parents…

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Jul 28 2007

I’ve been here for 4 weeks

Today marks the 4 week mark of institute, and the countdown begins for getting to see my husband again.  Crazy that we’ve been married for only 9 weeks and 4 of them we have been thousands of miles and 3 times zones apart.  I’ve gone from emotional wreck on the brink of quitting to confident…

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Jul 28 2007

Friday of the first week

I have never anticipated a weekend as much as I anticipated this one.  I put on real human clothes rather than just my PJs or “teacher clothes” and I feel human for the first time in a week.  I thought last week was hectic but it was nothing, NOTHING compared to this week.  This was…

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Jul 28 2007

The first days of institute

This is going to be rambly and mildy incoherent, but you’ll just have to bear with me.  It’s authentic to how I am feeling at the moment. I’ve arrived in Los Angeles.  Settled in?  Well, I’ve barely had time.  My suitcases are unpacked and my bed is made so I suppose that’s all that can be expected. …

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Jul 07 2007

Learning how to let go

I’ve spent the first 23 years of my life operating under the motto: “If you want something done right you have to do it yourself. ” It’s worked for me.  I am comforted by knowing that anything with my name attached to it is going to be entirely my responsibility, whether it is a success or…

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Jul 03 2007

White Guilt

The amount of white guilt located on this campus at this moment is insane.  If I hear one more self-righteous, private school educated, privileged white person whine about how all the schools/city/college they went to were “all white” and roll their eyes, I am going to scream.  It really reeks of imperialism.  Oh, look at…

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Jun 28 2007

A taste of St. Louis

I spent the last few days in St. Louis for my induction to the city/program.  Overall, it was a great time.  We had plenty of time to socialize and a nice balance between info sessions, forced socialization and personal time.  My experience was similar to the one in April, the other corps members are really…

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Apr 22 2007

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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