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Jan 25 2008

Another day another dollar

I never know what to title my posts. This weeks has been a killer.  I think it is having grad school class on Wednesday evening from 6-9.  It just throws off my whole week.  Wednesdays are so hard because I already have school from 7:30-5:15, then I barely have time to grab some MickyDs for…

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I need to start writing on a daily basis because by the time the weekend rolls around I have no memory of what happened earlier that week.  DC came back to school Monday as defiant as ever.  He pretty much spent the day in the principals office because he ran out of the room (again). …

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Jan 14 2008

Ms. D’s Johari Window

If you are reading this and you know me, do me a favor and visit this site for a minute.  (It will only take a minute, promise.)  I am curious to have some insight on how others view me.

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Jan 10 2008

Student council adviser

Today was the first day of our student council, and my first day as an adviser.  Our group elected a president and vice president, and despite my 3rd grade students running for both positions, the vote went to the older kids.  Oh well, there is always next year. Other than that is was relatively uneventful. …

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6:45am – Left my house for work. 7:00am – Ran into a pretty bad traffic jam under the St. Louis Arch. 7:20am – Arrived at school (took 35 minutes today when it usually takes 10 minutes) 7:30am – A parent stops by to tell me that she is transferring her daughter to another school.  (It is the school…

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Jan 08 2008

Back to the doldrums

Last Wednesday I headed back to school after a glorious 11 day break.  My break was much less invigorating that I expected it to be.  My second quarter as a teacher is over on Friday.  After that I am going to be really sad because we are going to be instructing our reading groups in writing…

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Everybody who has ever taught will tell you one thing about your first year.  “It get’s better after winter break.”  Well, now that I am there, I am looking forward to that and hoping that it truly does get better.  Although the second thing that teachers will tell you is that in the week or…

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Dec 14 2007

One of my students is off his medication for ADHD.  In the past there have been days where he hasn’t taken it and on those days I have literally had to throw myself in between him and other students in order to get him to not hit another child.  When he is on his medication he…

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Dec 02 2007

Once in a blue moon…

6 years ago today I went on my first date with Todd.  We had met two nights before at a party at the house of a mutual friend.  The night we met was a blue moon…I’m not being cheesy, it was literally a blue moon.  Our first date was to get coffee at the now…

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Oct 27 2007

I’m feeling nervous

I’ve had a rough week.  I’ve cried in front of my students twice this week.  I’m feeling like I’m on the verge of being fired, like the administration is getting their ducks in a row in order to fire me.  What is even more eerie is that when I say things like “Am I going…

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Oct 25 2007


Today we were told to expect visitors to our school.  What kind of visitors?  The CEO and founder of the multinational charter school conglomerate that I work for was expected to be in OUR school.  As a new teacher, I was a bit intimidated at the thought of being critiqued by people that created an educational…

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Oct 25 2007

Week 10

Let’s just say that my day began with not one, but two third graders peeing their pants in my reading class this morning.  (And it was not because they couldn’t hold it as evidence by their laughter after the fact and uncanny timing, both peeing within seconds of each other.)  My day ended with me crying…

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Okay, so I have a paper due for grad school in a few hours and rather than finishing it I am posting on my blog.  I am such a procrastinator.  I am revelling in the joy of yet ANOTHER 4 day work week.  Ahhh, how will I ever adjust back to a 5 day week? …

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Oct 09 2007


Recess has been cancelled until further notice.  Fun times in STL, that’s for sure!  Now how do I fill up an extra 20 minutes a day?  I think I’ll teach cursive. 

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I applied to TFA to be a teacher.  I assumed my job responsibilities would be teaching students thing they need to know.  I assumed that parents would be concerned about their children’s academics above all.  I did not think that I was supposed to be a babysitter, a referee, a police officer, a body guard,…

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Oct 01 2007


I went to the doctor yesterday and I have bronchitis.  (Thankfully not pnemonia, although I feel like I might as well have it.)  I have some antibiotics which may or may not help (so far not helping) and lets hope my voice comes back soon! 

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Sep 30 2007

I might be overdoing it

I’m feeling miserable and the work is just piling up around me.  I’ve been feeling sick this week and it just keeps getting worse.  I have a fever and the worst sore throat I’ve had since I had mono is college.  I know it’s not possible to get mono again, but I feel like there…

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Sep 28 2007

Week 6

After last week which ended on a positive note, I was caught off guard by this week, my birthday week, being the most challenging so far.  I am straining my voice and wondering if I am doing some permanent damage by all the yelling that I have had to do this week.  To top it…

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Sep 22 2007

It’s not me…

I had been concerned and upset over the transfer of a student of mine to another classroom.  I felt like perhaps I was doing something wrong.  Perhaps I was not patient enough with the student.  Perhaps I did not see how others were instigating fights with him.  Perhaps my view of him was skewed and…

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Sep 16 2007

Reading groups!

Yay yay yay!  On Monday we are supposed to begin reading groups.  Hip hip hurray!  Each morning I will get my group of students for reading/writing for the first 2 1/2 hours of school.  That means that I will only have “my students” for Math and Social Studies in the afternoon.  I hope that this…

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Sep 13 2007

This week is full of surprises

So far this week: 1.  I had the best day so far on Monday 2.  On Tuesday one of my students who is a chronic behavior problem was suspended for two days. 3.  On Wednesday above boy was unsuspended and walked into my classroom late. 4.  On Wednesday said boy caused 13 classroom distractions before lunch, then…

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Sep 07 2007

A boring post about the weather

This weekend the highs are supposed to be in the 70′s-80′s.  I have never been happier.  Oh September, thank you for arriving a saving me from this homicidal heat.  Speaking of which, I had a female student smack a male student today, over and over and over as hard as she could.  The male student,…

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Sep 06 2007

My first sick day

I really was not expecting to take a sick day so early in the school year, and I am concerned about what it will do to my students, but today I had to take the day off.  On Tuesday I felt myself getting ill in the afternoon.  I couldn’t fall asleep at night, and ended…

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Sep 01 2007

On Wednesday I got a phone call from the mother of one of my students who causes the most behavior problems in my class.  She called to tell me that my behavior expectations were too high for her child, that he was never going to be able to live up to my expectations, so I…

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I attended my first graduate class tonight, yipee!  I am so happy that they are allowing us to do most of the work from home, watching DVDs of lectures rather than attending class.  However, I have been given 15 DVDs and still have a lot more to come, I’m thinking that perhaps I bit off…

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