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Dec 19 2007

His heart is in the right place

I have a student who has been on my mind lately and I’m not really sure if I’m doing everything right with him.  He came in the middle of the school year.  When I met him I had a bad feeling about him.  I felt so guilty about my bad feeling that I tried to…

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Dec 08 2007

Ms. D’s postcard project

If you know me then you know about my love of postcards.  I am sharing that love with my students.  We are participating in www.postcrossing.comand we are trading postcards with people all over the world.  We have sent out our first 5 cards and one of them has already been received.  We are eagerly awaiting…

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Dec 05 2007

Terra Nova and the new kid

Today I prepared to administer my very first standardized test EVAH.  Terra Nova is a national standardized test and we are taking it as a precursor to the big MAP test in April.  There are all sorts of crazy rules, such as the tests could not leave the tiny bitty conference room until 15 minutes…

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Nov 28 2007

Mama duck

I believe that I have developed my reputation as the Mama Duck of the third grade.  There are 4 third grade teachers at my school, and 2 are male.  Not to play on stereotypes, but the male teachers are not really the most loving toward the students.  (Fun, sure!  And of course they care about their students but…

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Nov 19 2007

So close

I almost swore in front of my students.  I came so super close to saying the f-bomb in front of them, but I caught myself a millisecond before it slipped my mouth.  I was so caught off guard that the word was just there, ready to come out. I wonder what would happen if I…

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According to a website, which allows you to type in your blog address and churns out an humiliating icon for you to display on your blog.  No thank you, ma’am.  I don’t need that kind of humiliation.  Not only is my blog poorly written, but I think it’s not  funny.  Not because funny things don’t…

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Nov 13 2007


Since today was a holiday, and with thankgsiving coming up, I feel like November is going to be a breeze.  Four days this week, then the weekend, then 2 days with my students, then a glorious 5-day weekend.  I’m not sure if this is confirmed, but I have written in my planner that we have a…

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Nov 09 2007

What a waste of paper

We have SLCs tomorrow.  Which…is a very fancy way of saying Conferences.  We call them Student Learning Contracts, not grades, at my school.  Well, all the teachers call them grades, but officially they are the Student Learning Contracts.  I believe I printed out 700 pages for my SLCs this week.  Each SLC is about 4…

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Nov 03 2007

Good news for a change

Setting aside, for a moment, the fact that I had a kid pee his pants today with no warning, and then lie to his mom about how he begged me to go use the restroom and mean, Ms. D refused to grant him the privilege.  Then, I got an angry phone call from mom, who…

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