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Aug 10 2011

Year 5

Wow. I’m officially an old-timer. I believe that with only one exception I am the most senior classroom teacher in the entire school. The turnover at my school is very high and it’s amazing that in such a short time I’ve seen so many people come and go, but here I am.

This year will be very strange. All my colleagues are back to work setting up classrooms and sitting through endless PD sessions. I am not setting up my classroom and I’m sitting through endless daytime TV. Why? Because I am on maternity leave. My daughter Alice was born on June 21. I won’t be returning to work until October. It’s hard to let go and trust that my substitute will begin the year well, but I need to since this time with my child is precious and fleeting. I could stress out and micromanage but then I might as well be back at work, and I’m going to take every last minute of leave that I can take.

MAP results came back and my students did well. It’s a good thing, too, since I had them for 2 years and if they didn’t do well it would be all my fault. For the first time I felt like I was truly effective in teaching. It’s ironic since it’s also the first year that I set boundaries and didn’t work myself to the bone for the health of my pregnancy. Maybe there is something to be said about staying relaxed and sleeping more. Haha!

So to all those about to begin year 1, or year 2, or year 5, best wishes. I hope you have a year of enjoyment with your students, supportive administrations, funded donors choose proposals, and lots of sleep!

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