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Jan 16 2011

Teaching while pregnant

I learned in early October that I am pregnant and due in June! This is a much planned-for baby, although if my plans worked out perfectly I would be due in March or April in order to maximize maternity leave/summer vacation. Oh well, we’ll make it work.

I was really worried about how I would juggle the inflexibility of teaching with my pregnancy. I am so so lucky that everything has gone as smoothly as possible so far. I haven’t had any nausea at all and the extent of my symptoms have been acid reflux and back pain. The back pain causes me to have to sit more that I used to. I have a rolling chair and I zip around the room that way.

The biggest problem has been how to fit in all the doctor appointments. I haven’t had many, but they will become more frequent. There is no need to have a full day substitute for a short little appointment, but my school keeps hiring subs all day when I only have to zip out in the afternoon. It’s kind of annoying.

I waited until I was in the second trimester to tell my students. I played a game of hangman with the kids and wrote “Ms. D is going to have a baby” as the message. Some students solved it before all the letters were placed and it was funny to watch their expressions and their restraint as they attempted to not shout out and give it away. When all the letters were placed the whole class erupted and jumped up and down. It was so cute I actually started crying. Then the kids all asked a million questions and offered suggestions for names.

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