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Aug 25 2010

Week 2

In the middle of week 2 things are going smoother than they ever have. We began curriculum this week and it makes each day go by so much faster. I actually feel like I run out of time in each lesson, and that’s a nice feeling. I know we are cramming in as much learning as possible.

I graded my pre-math assessments this weekend and they were pretty good. I didn’t cry this year while grading them! In fact, I kind of danced a little. I was pleased with that my kiddos retained over the summer. I anticipated some problems they would not know because I know what I taught last year. It’s really nice to loop. Because I have last year’s MAP data, I know that 1/3 of my class are proficient or advanced in math and 1/4 are proficient in Com Arts. I had one student who was ONE POINT away from proficiency in Com Arts so I can’t count her yet, but I don’t think there will be a problem this year. We have targeted the lowest Com Arts students in my class (2 kids I didn’t teach last year, but absorbed from other classes this year) who will be getting 45 minutes every single day of hard-core Com Arts instruction. I have no students low enough to qualify for Math services. The four kids who are closest to being proficient will get 90 minutes a week of additional instruction with a tutor.

The rumor is floating that my glorious class of only 21 kids will soon be larger. When I flat out asked the principal she said she did not want to enroll any more children. But I think the decision is out of her hand, and the district is passing kids around if other schools are overenrolled. Le sigh. I might be able to get out of taking too many extra kids since my room is about half to size of everybody else’s classroom and I feel as though we are already bursting at the seams. I think we could maybe fit 2 more kids in the classroom before I would scream. I’ve had between 27-32 each year. It’s my turn to get a small class!

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