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Aug 17 2009

Day 1, Year 3

I began this year very relaxed and not nervous in the slightest. After my two years as a teacher I feel like I have experienced (and survived) every single crazy situation that could possibly come my way. I felt confident that any strange situation that might pop up would not be any match for the super teacher that I have become. All except for one situation. Poop. Yes. I had a 3rd grade student poop his pants on the first day of school. I was uumbfounded. I ended up catching an administrator in the hallway and has him help the boy to clean it up, but we were already 30 minutes past dismissal time and I didn’t know what to do! He had no phone number so I didn’t know how to reach the family.

Other than that boy (who was a challenge to say the least) I had a decent day. Although my principal says that everybody leaves day 1 feeling good, it’s day 2 you have to watch out for. So onward to day 2. It’s certainly going to be less fun for the kids as I crack down on them. I know I have a great batch of kids (again, how did I always get the best class?) so I’m sure it will be yet another wonderful year.

Oh, and my roster is up to 32 kids now since one parent talked to the principal and demanded that her child be put in my room. Honestly, with this one I don’t mind since I had his sister 2 years ago and he is adorable, brilliant, and angelic. I guess having too many people WANTING you to teach their child is a great problem to have.

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