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Aug 11 2009

3rd year teaching 3rd grade

I’m officially a TFA Alumni, and I just graduated from my master’s degree program this weekend. I am returning to teach the same grade at the same school. Yesterday the new year began (no kids yet, just teachers) and I was absolutely dreading going into school. However, once I got there I was very happy to be back and see all my colleagues. I have the best coworkers in the world, which is the main reason I chose to stay at my school. I have the same classroom again, so it makes set up very easy.

I’m feeling quite excited about next year, which is a nice feeling. Two years ago I was having panic attacks every night as I prepared for my first year. Last year I felt better but still nervous. This year I’m just feeling happy and ready to meet the little kiddos. I’m still a planner by nature, but one thing I have learned as a teacher is how to roll with the punches and to always have a dozen tricks up your sleeve in case things don’t go as planned (and they NEVER go as planned).

I used my local freecycle group to have a beautiful wooden rocking chair donated to my classroom. I hope to be able to use them more often because you can’t beat the price. I am so excited to do my first read aloud of the school year in the rocking chair.

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