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Jan 05 2009

Halfway done with the second year and I haven’t cried once! It’s really remarkable how much better this year is and how much I am enjoying my students. I had 6 who didn’t show up for school today, including my two trouble makers, so it was a very peaceful day. I spent some time this break working on creating literacy centers for the kids. I spent way too much money on lamination, but I feel like I have some really great centers for the kids now. I’m sure that they will like them and have a lot of fun while learning. We are in cruch time for the MAP test now. I mentioned it for the first time a week before winter break and beginning today it will come up every single day. I want them to be ready to conquer it and since our math benchmark success next month I am sure they will be able to do an awesome job. I’m a bit nervous that we aren’t going to be able to do it again this year. That our MAP scores will remain below 10% proficiency. I guess I just need to stop thinking that. My students are so smart that it’s not fair for me to wast time worrying about that.

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