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Dec 06 2008

Ice Skating

I took 3 students to the annual St Louis TFA ice skating party and it was so much fun, once again. We stayed until the afternoon to skate with Santa. The kids were beside themselves, they just LOVED holding Santa’s hand and skating around the rink with them. It is amazing to me how quickly the kids can pick up on skating, which is not an easy thing to do. After a few times around the rink they were flying faster than me and didn’t want any help at all. It was really fun to watch them and to get to know the kids in a different setting. I love doing Saturday trips with my students.

One of the kids I brought was K.Y. who I talked about earlier. It was remarkable to see him come out of his shell, he talked more than I have heard him all year. He was so helpful, helping up the other kids who fell on the ice and throwing away all the trash from our pizza lunch. He also blew me away with his memory. He had every classmate’s birthday memorized. I would have never guessed he had such a thing for dates! It was so cute when he asked for Multiplication flash cards for Christmas from Santa. (By the way, he passed his x2 tables on Thursday, and there are still about 8 kids in my class struggling with those facts, I was blown away! I guess all the interventions ARE working after all!)

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