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Dec 01 2008

Scandinavia was great!

I was in Stockholm and Oslo last week. As much as I tried to relax and simply focus on being on vacation, my mind always went back to my students. In museum gift shops I was always browsing the kids book section. (I bought 3 books for them, one on Vikings, one with great photographs of Norway and one picture book about the Vasa Ship.) I put together a powerpoint slideshow of photos to show them tomorrow and I brought them maps (we are studying maps in social studies) and candy, taught them how to say hello, goodbye, thank you, yes and no. The biggest hit was when I gave each of them their very own Kroner to keep. (The equivalent of about $0.13)

I also was inspired by all the art museums to begin encorporating art and art history in my literacy and writing centers. I have a proposal under review on Donors Choose to purchase some art books for kids and I plan to go to the St Louis Art Museum soon to purchase some postcards of famous works of art to use as inspiration for my students’ creative writing. The kids are so passionate and excited about my travels, I wish that they will all get the chance to travel some day.

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