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Nov 10 2008

I need to vent

I realize that I haven’t posted in months, but today was just such a crazy day that I can’t help it. First – 12 teachers were out today…unexpectedly. Since we don’t really have subs at our school this meant that I had a blended class, including 9 extra students, putting my total to 35 (a couple of my students were out today). Therefore, I was not able to do my literacy centers, which meant that I had to make up a reading lesson off the top of my head. Gym was “in the classroom” today due to a book fair taking up the gym. Gym teacher had to double up classes today because the librarian was not in today to hold her classes. Therefore, when I walked back into my room there were 65 children in my classroom. (my 35 and 30 kindergarteners…did I mention they had a mixed class as well?)

Since we had so many extra kids my co-worker and I decided not to switch for science and social studies which meant that I had to find something to fill up the extra 45 minutes. It was really cold today and when I took them out for an extended recess they just complained about the cold.

Then, somebody dressed up as Clifford the Big Red Dog came into my classroom unexpectedly and riled everybody up. B.F. punched him in the nose.

I am getting sick and when I got home I started getting the fever chills and went to bed at 6:00. I woke up a couple hours later with crazy thirst. Now I need to prepare for tomorrow since I have a new reporter coming into my classroom again to observe. I have a sinus infection and I am having a hard time talking and my head is throbbing.

Sigh. What a crap day.

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