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Sep 28 2008

I love teaching math

I returned to school on Wednesday after 2 days of jury duty and was pulled aside by my principal.

“I like what you are doing in math.”

“Thanks, but I’m only following the curriculum.”

“Oh, well, I liked what you did last year.”

“Thank you, I love teaching math.”

“Perfect, you are our new K-3 math coordinator.”

“Really? What am I going to have to do.”

“Just assist teachers who are struggling with math instruction, give them ideas for lessons. The curriculum aspect has already been distributed. Oh, and you need to go to a conference on Friday.”

Why do I have a feeling that I got this position because I am the only sucker that will do it?

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  1. Heh. He totally drew you into that one. Flattery and then sick ‘em with a responsibility.

    Ah well, it’s something else to put on the resume…

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