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Sep 11 2008

Year two is great

This year is infinitely more easy than last year. Part of me believes that I have an easier group of students. The other part thinks I’ve grown so much as a teacher that I am more prepared and command more respect and control of my classroom. I reached a point where I LIKE my students more than last year. I think so far in the 4 weeks I’ve taught I’ve only had like 3 bad days. The past two weeks have been a piece of cake. My students have picked up on the class rules and expectations like champs. My proceedures keep class running smoothly as can be. My students like each other and I have not had any fights or anything resembling a fight. (Well, except in gym today T.I. told A.A. that she was a “retarded a**” and when A.A. told her that she didn’t come to school to fight, she came to learn, T.I. said “you came to get hit.” Anyway, I nipped that right away and T.I. will not try to pull anything like that again.)

I’ve begun each day with a picture book read aloud and close each day with a chapter book read aloud. I’ve found my students are much more excited about reading. During independent reading I find them modeling a read aloud, holding the books open with the pictures facing out. It’s absolutely adorable. I find myself wondering what I did so horribly wrong last year because the kids would literally groan when I pulled out a book for read aloud and now they run to the carpet in the morning and groan when dismissal is called before we finish our chapter.

My centers are going really well. It’s still early, so perhaps we are in a honeymoon period, but in only a few weeks I have a better understanding of my student’s strengths and weaknesses than I did at the end of last year because I work in small groups regularly.

I find myself wavering between staying at my school for a third year and finding a job at an SLPS school next year. If this year continues along this path perhaps I will want to loop with my students.

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