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Aug 21 2008

Ms. D: There is one more things that we will be studying in social studies this year that is very important. It’s something that is talked about in the news all the time and you can barely put on the TV or radio without hearing about this.
Girl student: Ooooh! I know! It’s a rapist!
Ms. D: Ummm….well….that’s a very important news story but I was talking about something that was much more exciting and positive.
Boy student: Barak Obama!
Ms. D: Yes, and what is Barak Obama doing?
Boy student 2: He’s lowering gas prices!
Ms. D: Yes, he plans to try to lower gas prices, but why do we care what Barak Obama thinks about gas prices?
Girl student 2: Because gas is really expensive.
Ms. D: It is, but Barak Obama is trying to become something, what does he want to be?
Boy student: He’s running for president!

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  1. My kids swear that if Barak Obama becomes President two things will happen. 1) He will make everything better (Lower gas prices! Lower taxes! Find my mama a job!) and 2) “They” will shoot him.

    Hmmm…. who is “they?”

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