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Aug 18 2008

Day 1, year 2

My biggest regret last year was not taking the time to record my feelings the first few weeks of school. In an effort to right that mistake, I plan to write more regularly this year. Unlike last year, I had an amazing first day. Yes, it was chaotic. Lunch was 3 hours late. The buses left 45 minutes after they were supposed to. There were absolutely no specials today when I had planned for at least 1. I amazed myself at how confident, relaxed and just calm I was. My goal was for the kids to leave feeling positive about the day and for me to leave feeling positive. I was much more patient than I ever thought I could be and simply rolled with the day as it unfolded. We got most of the items on my agenda done and I have my plan in place for tomorrow. I am not planning for everyday to be so wonderful, there will probably be days this week that are crazy and I don’t feel so good. I have an amazing class of students; I have some chatty students and we are really going to need to work on rememebering to raise hands when they want to speak. They are very eager to participate, which I would rather have than the alternative. We even got 2 compliments for our compliment chain! Tomorrow I am going to begin the mystery person and I think they will really like that.

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