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Jan 25 2008

Another day another dollar

I never know what to title my posts.

This weeks has been a killer.  I think it is having grad school class on Wednesday evening from 6-9.  It just throws off my whole week.  Wednesdays are so hard because I already have school from 7:30-5:15, then I barely have time to grab some MickyDs for dinner and get to my class.  It takes me so long to unwind after such a long day that I can’t fall asleep at my normal bedtime and it just throws my whole week off.  Speaking of grad school, my prof is so much worse than I first expected.  Whooie!  She refused to even grade our first group project (by group I mean the WHOLE CLASS had to do it together, there would be one grade issued to the whole class; it was due the second day of class, mind you) because it was not in the correct format.  (As in, she wanted APA and this did not meet APA formatting standards.)  Then, we once we arrive in class she randomly assigned one section of the reading to each individual and made everybody present to the whole class about that section of the reading.  Of course this shouldn’t be a problem since we all did the reading, right? 

School has been hectic to say the least.  One of my fellow 3rd grade teachers just stopped showing up to work this week (no call, no show) so I’ve had extra students in my class almost all week.  It’s just enough to throw your whole lesson plans off kilter for the week.    I feel like a babysitter.  I cannot believe that my school does not have a substitute pool.  What kind of asinine institution am I working for?  Truly, it is bordering on criminal.  There was a brief moment today when for about 30 minutes I was responsible for 56 eight year olds.  That is true insanity.  If I am going to have 30 or 36 or 56 students then I need more then 2 minutes notice to change my plans for the entire day.   I need to make extra copies and get more desks if nothing else.  At this point I wouldn’t even care if I were just assigned an extra 10 students as long as I had the desks and the power to be their real teacher.  It is hard to discipline a student when you are just their babysitter or, more realistically, the adult supervising the holding tank while their real teacher plays hooky. 

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