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Jan 19 2008

I’m in my 3rd quarter of teaching now

I need to start writing on a daily basis because by the time the weekend rolls around I have no memory of what happened earlier that week.  DC came back to school Monday as defiant as ever.  He pretty much spent the day in the principals office because he ran out of the room (again).  He refused to return to class.  Just wouldn’t move.  What was I supposed to do, pick him up and move him to class?  No thank you. 

I have good news and a little bit of bad news.

1.  Good news – My assistant principal (the one who made me cry many times in October) has now taken a liking to me and asked me to lead a professional development session with my team.  She has also been stealing many of my ideas and showing them to other teachers who are now implementing them.  She has asked me to help in taking another teacher under my wing, which has made me feel oh so special. 

2.  Bad news – A parent wants her child taken out of my class because when she came to my classroom in the middle of a lesson last week and wanted me to drop what I was doing and explain her daughters homework to her.  When I told her that I could not stop what I was doing and asked if she could wait about 10 minutes she said no.  So I told her that I could have a student who understood the homework explain it to her.  This conversation was all very congenial, I thought.  But apparently she found it condescending and wants her daughter out of my classroom.

3.  Good news – My administration said that was not going to happen because I am a great teacher and her daughter is progressing in my class.  There is only one 3rd grade teacher who has openings in her class but she is not going to be an effective teacher for their daughter. 

4.  Good News – Some important person at the central office complimented me today and said she loves my data analysis for my students test scores and how the state standards tie into my lesson plans.  Hurray! 

5.  Good News – a parent who is very picky told my lead teacher that she wanted her daughter to be taken out of his room and placed INTO my room!  This is also not going to happen.  But I feel like it is a nice compliment. 

6.  Bad news – This semester of grad school is going to be a killer.  My professor is a stickler for everything, punctuality, attendance, preparedness, you name it and she’s a stickler for it.  She is not fooling around one bit, and I have a feeling that I am going to be up to my ears in boring textbook reading for the next 17 weeks.  I believe I have about 100 pages to read for Wednesday but that is an easy week since we don’t have textbooks yet.  This is only a 3 credit course, so the workload seems overwhelming.  The good news is that when I get an inevitable C- in the class it will only be worth 3 credits.  Thankfully there is no known coursework for my internship, which is worth more credits. 

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