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Jan 10 2008

Student council adviser

Today was the first day of our student council, and my first day as an adviser.  Our group elected a president and vice president, and despite my 3rd grade students running for both positions, the vote went to the older kids.  Oh well, there is always next year.

Other than that is was relatively uneventful.  My students were extra chatty today and I ended up yelling more than I usually do.  We did have a good discussion in social studies today about the diversity of gender because I heard that some boys were teasing girls in gym class by saying that girls couldn’t play basketball.  My main point was that some kids are good at certain things, not BECAUSE they are boys or girls but just because it is what they are good at.  Being a boy doesn’t make you better at basketball, just like being a girl doesn’t make you bad at basketball and so on and so forth.  I thought it really struck a nerve with the kids; I even tied it into Martin Luther King Jr. (who my students LOVE to talk about).  It was one of those “teachable moments” that you always hear about.  I was surprised at how well it went.

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