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Jan 09 2008

It’s never a boring day when you work with a group of 8 year olds.

6:45am – Left my house for work.

7:00am – Ran into a pretty bad traffic jam under the St. Louis Arch.

7:20am – Arrived at school (took 35 minutes today when it usually takes 10 minutes)

7:30am – A parent stops by to tell me that she is transferring her daughter to another school.  (It is the school where her cousins go, so it is nothing personal.)  I am very caught off guard and amazed by how sad I feel.  I’ve had some rough moments with this girl, but she’s been growing on me lately.  I end up hugging the mom and telling her how sad I am to see her daughter leave.

8:00am – I learn that one of the 3rd grade teachers is going to be late today, so I get to have an extra 8 kids extra in my class for a few hours this morning. 

8:25am – No reading groups, see absent teacher, now I have to come up with an impromptu 90 minute reading lesson off the cuff.

8:35am – I read the story of John Henry to my students, then we did some reading comprehension techniques with the story. 

10:00am – Other 3rd grade teacher arrives, extra 8 kids return to regular class.

10:10am – D.C. goes crazy and runs out of the room. 

10:10:05 am – I call security to go chase after him. 

10:20 am – The principal walks into my room for an unscheduled observation. 

10:25 am – I realize that my lesson is poorly planned and is not going to fill up a whole hour.   

10:30 am – I make something up for my students to do (Hopefully the principal didn’t notice that it was unplanned.  I’ve been pretty good at faking it.)

11:00am – Lunch (and pizza party for my 5 students who were a part of the winning table team and earned 25 good behavior points.) 

11:45 am – Office calls me to say that D.C.  is down there but that he “can’t sit here all day.”  I say, “He is welcome to come back here, but I don’t know how long he will stay put without running out of my room again.”

11:50 am – Math lesson, which goes remarkably smoothly except for a normally well behaved child (whose birthday is today) being quite disruptive and poking his eye with a pencil (on purpose). 

1:00pm – First special class of the day….ahhhh…freedom.

2:00pm – Library time with my students where the librarian mispronounces linoleum and agriculture and then gives my students coloring pages and shows them a really juvenile video with a singing peanut butter and jelly who sing about George Washington Carver.  Yes, it was the most surreal moment of my day.

3:30 pm – I learn that my student D.C. almost punched the brand new assistant principal (his first day today) and was defiant and disrespectful to other administrators and adults.  Sooooo…he’s suspended for the rest of the week.  Did I mention that yesterday was his first day back from a 10 day suspension? 

4:00pm – The birthday boy was once again argumentative, refused to work and…poked himself in the eye with a pencil.  So I sent him out to have a time out with another teacher. 

4:30pm – We made a goodbye card for our classmate who is leaving and everybody gave her a goodbye hug.  (Her best friend cried.) 

4:45pm – Dismissal time!

5:00pm – Birthday boy was being difficult and refused to get in line.  I let the rest of the class leave to catch buses while I called the Birthday boy’s parents.  Birthday boy decided to make a run for it and ran out of the school.  I chased after him and caught him right before he ran across the street.  He insisted that he wanted to “walk home” which is not allowed at our school.  I had to physically restrain him from leaving the school grounds.  I also had to rip a sharp pair of scissors from his hands. 

5:10pm – Finally got birthday boy on his bus. 

5:30pm – Left for the day after getting a compliment from my principal via another teacher that I am doing a “phenomenal job.” 

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  1. Mr. D

    All in all a pretty typical day, eh? Glad to hear you survived.

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