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Jan 08 2008

Back to the doldrums

Last Wednesday I headed back to school after a glorious 11 day break.  My break was much less invigorating that I expected it to be.  My second quarter as a teacher is over on Friday.  After that I am going to be really sad because we are going to be instructing our reading groups in writing as well.  Putting it kindly, I dislike my reading group.  It’s hard enough because I have 30 students in my reading class, and only 25 desks.  Aside from that, they are chatty and have bad attitudes and most have really really poor work ethics.  I love my own class.  I am so sad that I am going to have to spend more time with my reading group than my own group of students. 

On Wednesday we are beginning our student council at school, for which I am an adviser.  I am so excited to be a part of this!  I hope that it is a positive experience for everybody involved. 

I am feeling much more confident about the end of this quarter.  I am looking forward to conferences and wish I had more time to conduct them.  There is so much that I want to tell my student’s parents.  I am putting together portfolios for each child which will include work in all subjects, benchmark test graphs and Terra Nova test percentile graphs.  I think that I can give each student a very well rounded and appropriate grade this marking period.  It would be hard to argue with my current grading system.

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