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Dec 22 2007

T’was the night before winter break…

Everybody who has ever taught will tell you one thing about your first year.  “It get’s better after winter break.”  Well, now that I am there, I am looking forward to that and hoping that it truly does get better.  Although the second thing that teachers will tell you is that in the week or so following winter break it will be like a new school year all over again.  So, in reality it won’t get better immediately after winter break, but give it a few weeks…then it will get better.

I certainly hope so.

Today was a very challenging day.  Let’s see…day before winter break + holiday party at the end of the day + 10 extra students (a teacher was out sick and our school doesn’t have substitutes, so I got 10 extra students) + no specials or lunch break = chaos.  I did, however, attempt to do graham cracker gingerbread houses with my students which was not a very smart idea…especially when we had 36 students rather than the usual 26 and no other adult to help me out. 

I was out of that school at 4:15…that earliest I have ever gotten out.  My classroom is a disaster area but I’ll stop in at some point over break to straighten up for the new year.

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