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Dec 05 2007

Terra Nova and the new kid

Today I prepared to administer my very first standardized test EVAH.  Terra Nova is a national standardized test and we are taking it as a precursor to the big MAP test in April.  There are all sorts of crazy rules, such as the tests could not leave the tiny bitty conference room until 15 minutes prior to the test and had to be locked or carried with teachers at all times.  I was given exactly the number of tests as I had students and had to pre-bubble in all the information such as name, b-day, student ID, etc.  (Time consuming….)

So imagine my surprise when I learn about 10 minutes before testing begins that I get…wait for it…wait for it….a new kid.

I don’t want to be unwelcoming, but this was not an easy thing to handle while we are preparing to take a very important test.  Never mind the fact that we don’t have an extra test for my student…or an extra desk for that matter.  Besides, 25 was such a magical number of students.  I mean, it’s a square product!  What is cooler than a square product?  Nothing.

We make do.  Thank goodness that we had an absent student so little A.W. could have a place to sit.  We quickly got her a test from the office and welcomed her to our class. 

Honestly…I am so happy to have her in my class.  She seems like a total sweetheart.  I need more sweethearts in my classroom. 

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