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Dec 02 2007

Once in a blue moon…

6 years ago today I went on my first date with Todd.  We had met two nights before at a party at the house of a mutual friend.  The night we met was a blue moon…I’m not being cheesy, it was literally a blue moon.  Our first date was to get coffee at the now obsolete “Cafe Latte” in East Lansing.  I arrived 15 minutes early so that I could order my own drink to avoid the uncomfortable dance about if he would pay for me or not.  We talked for hours and went back to his apartment to watch some Popeye cartoons.  Ahhh romance!

We’ve been together ever since.  (Except for a month in the fall of 2002, but we like to forget about that.) 

Never would have thought that 6 years and 2 moves later we would be married and living in St. Louis of all places.

Last week was long and exhausting.  There must have been something funny going on because the last days of the week my students decided to go crazy.  Three of them decided to have a conversation on the playground about all the ways that they were going to kill me (very creative and gory).  Then on Friday a girl brought a long nail file to school and said to another student “Do you want me to stab you?”  Le sigh.  8 year olds…

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