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Closing the Teach For America Blogging Gap
Nov 18 2007

My blog is written on an elementary school level

According to a website, which allows you to type in your blog address and churns out an humiliating icon for you to display on your blog.  No thank you, ma’am.  I don’t need that kind of humiliation. 

Not only is my blog poorly written, but I think it’s not  funny.  Not because funny things don’t happen, but because I just feel so stifled by all the *things* I have to do for my job, and all the pressure to remain anonymous that I don’t feel like I have to time to twist my daily events into amusing anecdotes for all my (4) readers. 

So, let’s see… My class went on our first field trip of the year.  We went to the circus, which was not my idea.  It was last minute, and only somewhat organized.  Being the mean teacher that I am, I wrote a big note on my whiteboard on Tuesday that said “Students who might not be going to the circus.”  Through the week whenever students were not following directions, breaking rules or simply getting on my last nerve, I would write their name on the board.  I wish we could do a field trip every week if simply for the fact that it was the perfect carrot to dangle over the heads of my students to get them to behave themselves.  Well, it wasn’t really a carrot since my students wouldn’t eat vegetables if they were the last food on earth…more of a hypothetical bag of flaming hot cheetos.  My students would climb mountains for a bag of hot cheetos.   (Like this: )

At the circus I was so nervous about losing one of the children, or having one of them wander out into the big ring with the ferocious tigers jumping through hoops of fire that it was hard to simply enjoy myself.  It made the day pass quickly, the perfect end to an already shortened week (due to having Monday off for Veteran’s Day).  I was annoyed by a few student’s whininess and constant need to pull on me and beg me to buy them cotton candy, snow cones or some random plastic light up sword. 

I am planning a Thanksgiving dinner with just my husband, my cats and myself.  I went shopping today and bought all the necessary ingredients for a full traditional feast.  I think I was ripped off on the turkey.  Never having purchased a turkey before, I’m not sure.  I bought the smallest one that they had, a plump 8 pounder, and at that price I could have bought fillet mignon.  I hope the dinner goes smoothly as it will be a complete waste of time and money if they food turns out crappy and we catch salmonella from the turkey (my biggest fear).

My plan for the long weekend coming up:  Get X-mas cards ready to begin sending out, make Thanksgiving dinner, and begin the X-mas shopping for our ever expanding number of family members.  In theory I will work on making lesson plans for upcoming weeks but Ha!  Like that’s going to happen.  Of course it would be the sensible thing to do.  I can guarantee you that I will be smiling from ear to ear on Tuesday evening when I come back home from school and I am officially free for the next 5 days. 

I did just learn that my great grandma is very ill, and may pass away within the next few days.  My great grandma is 106 years old and has led a very full life, so there is not much hope that she will be able to pull through her illness.  Then a few days later I learned that my great uncle is also ill and is likely going to die very soon as well.  I may be planning a trip back up to MI sooner than expected.

PS – I just ran a spell check and the word “blog” is not in the spell check dictionary.  I think that it should be added, quickly, as this is a blog website.

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  1. Patty

    Make that 5 readers. The only way I can keep track of you is on your blog. Love, Patty

  2. Jane

    I’m tutoring 9th grade students now as one of my part time jobs, and I was SOOO close to dropping the F-bomb the other day too!

    (And also, my students are also obsessed with flaming hot cheetos . . At the party store next to the school, they get hot nacho cheese poured over them!!)

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