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Nov 09 2007

What a waste of paper

We have SLCs tomorrow.  Which…is a very fancy way of saying Conferences.  We call them Student Learning Contracts, not grades, at my school.  Well, all the teachers call them grades, but officially they are the Student Learning Contracts.  I believe I printed out 700 pages for my SLCs this week.  Each SLC is about 4 pages long, then I had to print out a detailed report for each student, which included every assignment in my gradebook and the grade each student received on that assignment.  It is crazy. 

I am nervous about the conferences.  I don’t know how to deal with parents who might be angry.  To be honest, I have fluffed up my grades so much at the urging of my admin that I doubt any parent will be upset.  I am, however, preparing myself for next quarter when I plan to refuse to  fluff.  I am getting my documentation ready for my students and I feel like this upcoming quarter is going to be a thousand times better.  I think they will learn more, I will be more organized, and I will have proof if they are not mastering skills.  Maybe that sounds like the wrong attitude.  I’m not trying to prove my students can’t learn, it’s not how I hope it sounded…but there are some parents in serious denial about their child’s ability to do basic math and reading. 

I did get some compliments this week.  I think that the word is going around that I am quite emotionally fragile because I feel like some people are going out of their way to be kind and give compliments.  I am happy for the positive feedback.  The admin liked my new grading system so much that they showed it to other teachers who may be implementing it as well!  Imitation is the more sincere form of flattery, right?  My lead teacher has told me multiple times that he appreciates my work ethic.  My principal has asked me to be our school’s representative to a district wide committee for a new mini-grant program.  I am going to get to sift through some grant proposals to decide which ones to fund.  Of course I agreed to do it.  I want to make myself as useful as possible.

I am bringing two of my students to the science center this weekend and I am looking forward to it.  My husband won’t be able to attend, though, as he will be in San Diego with his friends this weekend for a little band reunion tour. 

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  1. pamela daniels

    Hey Kim! This is my first time on your blog,I only read the two Nov. pieces but I’ve heard this has been challenging work for you. We are maybe going to overhaul our NOW stuff to make more active projects and less just meeting to get information.We’ll see how it goes.Take care,Pamela and Elliot

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