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Nov 03 2007

Good news for a change

Setting aside, for a moment, the fact that I had a kid pee his pants today with no warning, and then lie to his mom about how he begged me to go use the restroom and mean, Ms. D refused to grant him the privilege.  Then, I got an angry phone call from mom, who refuses to call me back when I have a REAL concern about her son, and instead, will only call me in the middle of a lesson to yell at me and call me names. 

Also setting aside that I had two of my sweetest students (and one not-so-sweet student) get caught red-handed totally, absolutely, cheating during tests today. 

Also forgetting that I had a student who is constantly so disruptive that he is sent out of my room literally everyday just so that I can get through a lesson finally suspended today…and then come back to my room, cry but refuse to apologize to his classmates and me and continued to be disruptive for the rest of the day. 

It wasn’t a terrible day.

My husband got a job offer in St. Louis that is stable, a step up from his current position, in the same field as his current job.  He will be getting a substantial raise and an assistant.  Woohoo!  He will also gain a commute, which is a pain, but overall it will be good. 

My team has finally decided to split up the lesson planning.  THANK WHATEVER DIETY MIGHT EXIST.  I no longer have to write out 25 lesson plans a week and I am now responsible for only 5 lesson plans a week, to be distributed to all my fellow 3rd grade teachers.  I am responsible for math, which is probably the most difficult subject.  However, 5 math lessons is a lot easier than 5 math lessons and 5 reading lessons and 5 writing lessons and 5 social studies lessons and 5 science lessons.  My life is about to get much much easier.  I might just have time to go out once in a while for a change. 

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  1. Kate

    Congrats to you and Todd on the new/better job situations! I wish I could think of something fun/witty to say that would make being falsely accused, but I don’t think that’s possible, so I’ll just say I’m so sorry instead. You don’t deserve that and I hope that your new lesson plan duties will allow you to get a change to have a personal life once in a while.

  2. A postcard from Barcelona (Spain) is travelling to you!

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