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Oct 25 2007

Week 10

Let’s just say that my day began with not one, but two third graders peeing their pants in my reading class this morning.  (And it was not because they couldn’t hold it as evidence by their laughter after the fact and uncanny timing, both peeing within seconds of each other.)  My day ended with me crying for nearly 2 hours straight at the end of the day, in front of my students while trying to do instruction.  They were, however, very sweet.  I take back all the mean things I said the first week of school, my students are truly the most caring, well meaning 8 year olds that I know.

Now, in the middle I got a stern talking to from my assistant principal who says that my instruction must be inadequate if my class average is not 70% on all grade level objectives.  Never mind that many of my students are still sruggling with a concept of place value, adding 1 digit + 1 digit numbers, subtracting, etc.  I have 7 students who cannot read, and all but 6 are not on grade level in reading.  Soooo….apparently I am supposed to be a magician to get those grades. 

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