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Oct 25 2007


Today we were told to expect visitors to our school.  What kind of visitors?  The CEO and founder of the multinational charter school conglomerate that I work for was expected to be in OUR school.  As a new teacher, I was a bit intimidated at the thought of being critiqued by people that created an educational system consisting of 1,000 schools.  Of course, the chances were slim that he would stop in MY classroom of all places.  I did, however, prepare my students as best I could, telling them that special visitors might come to see US working.  We all had to be doing our best to make sure that we impressed them.  I described the position of CEO as best I could to 8 year olds…he is the boss’ boss’ boss’ boss’ boss’ boss.  Whoa! 

Well, as luck would have it, the CEO and founder did not stop by, instead I got a visit from a man named Terry.  Who’s Terry?  I didn’t know, but I shook his hand after my student, C.S. welcomed him to our classroom.  I got home and googled him.  Turns out it was this Terry: The Chief Operating Officer.  Not too shabby.  Was I shaking when he came in, you betcha.  But he didn’t stay for long and my students managed to control themselves. 

Then, if that isn’t enough, I had my State Senator, State Representative and the Speaker of the Missouri House come to see my classroom as well.  (Which my student hilariously described as “Two white guys and a black guy with a vest”)  This visit, while surprising, caused much less pressure as they are not even indirectly responsible for my job. 

All in a day’s work, I suppose. 

Oh, and I had another teacher ask me if I was quitting in January.  Whaaat? 

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