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Oct 16 2007

Feeling like I’m getting into the groove of things

Okay, so I have a paper due for grad school in a few hours and rather than finishing it I am posting on my blog.  I am such a procrastinator.  I am revelling in the joy of yet ANOTHER 4 day work week.  Ahhh, how will I ever adjust back to a 5 day week?  I mean, I’ll be working for 5 days, but I will only actually see students for 4.  What a happy thought.  At risk of being forced to eat my words, I am finally starting to feel like I have some things under control.  Or at least more under control than a few months ago.  I feel like I’m developing a groove, the work is getting done faster.  I’m enjoying my students slightly more, even though I had to stop instruction many times today due to excessive talking.  I know that I’m not the WORST teacher on my team, and my lead teacher does not seem very worried about me…or at least he hides it well if he does.  I’m still spending nearly every waking minute doing something teaching related, or procrastinating about something teaching related, or thinking about what I really should be doing that is teaching related rather than enjoying my time spent, eating out, shopping, going to the St. Louis Arch, etc.  I am still averaging about 90 hours a week.  It is crazy and depressing to realize that my pay averages out to about $6.25 an hour.  Haha, I miss those 40 hour work weeks where the job pretty much ended when you left work…except for those few on call evenings or weekends.   I think that being a lawyer and working the 60 hour weeks that they always complain about would be a cakewalk compared to teaching.  And at least as a lawyer you don’t have to deal with temper tantrums, children beating up their peers and being completely unappreciated and ignored by parents and students.

Oh well, back to the old paper. 

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  1. Hope your paper went well!

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