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Sep 28 2007

Week 6

After last week which ended on a positive note, I was caught off guard by this week, my birthday week, being the most challenging so far.  I am straining my voice and wondering if I am doing some permanent damage by all the yelling that I have had to do this week.  To top it all off, this week ended with a death threat from a student.  Beautiful.  Thankfully there are no students at school tomorrow, it is just a professional development day.  I get to go to school for a gloriously short 8 hours and not see any children whatsoever. 

How to describe this week?  It just seemed like every student that ever has an off moment all collectivly had an off day on the same day…today.  Even my sweetest student who I am taking to the zoo this weekend was rolling around in the hallway sobbing today for no reason and refused to tell me what was going on.  They didn’t even behave themselves for my birthday, most of them were exceptionally chatty and a few were even downright rude and disrespectful.  To top it off I had a parent call me today completely pissed because when her child was trying to explain to me why she was talking in the hallway after being told to stop talking I told her that “I don’t care, stop talking.”  I don’t WANT the hear an explanation.  I just want them to follow directions.  Gah! 

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  1. lollybiscuit

    Gah! That is so frustrating!
    I hope you get to enjoy the wk. end.

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