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Sep 22 2007

It’s not me…

I had been concerned and upset over the transfer of a student of mine to another classroom.  I felt like perhaps I was doing something wrong.  Perhaps I was not patient enough with the student.  Perhaps I did not see how others were instigating fights with him.  Perhaps my view of him was skewed and I was the problem after all.

However, on Thursday, a mere 4 days after being transferred into a new class, he already got into a physical fight with a girl from the new class who is described as a “perfect angel” by her teacher.  The little boy claimed that the other girl choked him first, and he was just fighting back.  (Interesting, the EXACT story he tried with ME!)  People are starting to see through him. 

Maybe it wasn’t me after all.  I just know that I’m not going to lose any more sleep over the transfer anymore.  My lessons went much much smoother this week without him. 

I’m seeing a lot of progress in math in my students.  One girl who didn’t know 7+7 in the second week of school was mastering fractions and 5 digit numbers like a pro this week.  I told her many times how proud I was of her for her hard work and noticed the changes in her attitude and work ethic.  She is working hard, and seeing the pay-off.  One little boy who is always the last to finish his work, if he finishes at all, was the FIRST in the entire class to complete his fractions worksheet this week with everything correct.  On Friday I ended up doing the fractions lesson I had saved for the advanced students with the WHOLE class and almost everybody picked it up right away.  My math motto this week was “It’s not enough to get the correct answer, you have to explain to me how you got it.” 

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