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Sep 16 2007

Reading groups!

Yay yay yay!  On Monday we are supposed to begin reading groups.  Hip hip hurray!  Each morning I will get my group of students for reading/writing for the first 2 1/2 hours of school.  That means that I will only have “my students” for Math and Social Studies in the afternoon.  I hope that this break from them will make me appreciate them more.  My students are starting to grow on me more but I still need a break sometimes.  (Like 2 1/2 hour each morning, that’s a good break.) 

I’m also starting to make some much needed changes to my classroom.  I’m dreading the student responce, which I am sure will be hatred.  I have cleaned out their desks.  Yes, I stayed late on Friday and tossed almost everything.  They will get 5 pencils.  I will sharpen them.  I will replace the pencils when they get too short.  I have confiscated all crayons, notebooks, pencil sharpeners, etc.  They will have an opportunity to bring their fancy things home with them (like their high school musical folders).  Everything else becomes property of “The Class.”  I will give them paper when they need paper.  I will give them gluesticks when they need gluesticks.  They are going to HATE me…but it needed to be done.  I am sick of the note passing and the cootie catchers.  SICK OF IT! 

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