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Sep 13 2007

This week is full of surprises

So far this week:

1.  I had the best day so far on Monday

2.  On Tuesday one of my students who is a chronic behavior problem was suspended for two days.

3.  On Wednesday above boy was unsuspended and walked into my classroom late.

4.  On Wednesday said boy caused 13 classroom distractions before lunch, then had a problem in Technology class and finally, punched two kids on the playground, choked a girl and pulled a girl to the ground by her hair and banged her head on the cement over and over. 

5.  Above boy’s mom says that since I am a first year teacher, the problem is ME because I don’t have control of the classroom. 

6.  Above boy is going to be transferred to another classroom on Monday.

7.  Apparently the principal has been getting numerous complaints about me from parents who said that I don’t return phone calls (which is hella crazy since I will often call parents on my personal cell phone until 9:00pm…and they all have my cell phone number). 

8.  One of my students who was a major behavior problem turned over a new leaf and became an angel this week.

9.  My wallet was stolen out of my classroom this morning between 7:45-8:05 when I was on lunch duty.  When I called to cancel my cards I learned that one of them had been used multiple times this morning.  Thank goodness for fraud protection.  I’ve already canceled my cards, now I just need a new lisence and checking account. 

10.  When my student’s learned about my stolen wallet they were so sweet and one girl almost began crying.  Then a bunch of the kids started yelling out that they would bring me some money, even thoughI insisted that I was okay and I would just get new credit cards (they don’t understand the concept of credit cards). 

11.  On Wednesday all my students became really cute and gave me letters and poems and pictures they made for me.  (Many of them included the phrase “best teacher ever.”)  One girl even made me a necklace at home and gave it to me. 

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  1. Kate

    You are amazing. Keep your head up and don’t let parents get you down.

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