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Sep 06 2007

My first sick day

I really was not expecting to take a sick day so early in the school year, and I am concerned about what it will do to my students, but today I had to take the day off.  On Tuesday I felt myself getting ill in the afternoon.  I couldn’t fall asleep at night, and ended up with only abou 3 hours sleep.  By the time morning rolled around, I had no voice.  I could not walk into my classroom with no voice, especially because it was one of those extra long 9 1/2 hour school days.  So I went to school extra super early (about 5:30am) and set up for the day, getting my classroom organized for a sub that would be as seamless for the kids as possible, and then went home.  I cried on the way home because I felt so guilty for taking the day off.  But I had no voice, what could I do?  I feel like I should have just sat in the corner and been there while a substitute taught the lessons, but that’s just ridiculous, I know.

My voice is back, I slept a lot, drank some tea and and cuddled with some kitties.  I feel mentally better about going back tomorrow.  I’m still not 100%, I certainly still have a cold, but it will have to do.  I hope my sick day didn’t throw the student’s off.  But if it does, it’s only two more days until the weekend.

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